Pullman man faces animal cruelty charges after leaving animals in hot pickup

PULLMAN, WA - A Pullman man faces second degree animal cruelty charges after being accused of leaving two dogs and a cat in a hot car Saturday.

Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant said Marvin Mead left two dogs and a cat in his pickup for nearly ten hours. The cat had to be put down at WSU's Veterinary Teaching Hospital due to complications from heat and dehydration.

Tennant said this isn't the first time Mead has been caught leaving his animals unattended in his truck.

"He's been contacted about leaving his dogs in the cab of the truck on numerous occasions leading up to this event," said Commander Tennant. "And then with the death of the cat we felt that it was necessary to go ahead and make an arrest."

Both dogs are okay and were handed over to Mead's relatives. An autopsy on the cat will be performed as part of the investigation.