Pullman Police Department honor fallen officers' during National Police Week

PULLMAN, WA - The Lewiston Police Department held a beautiful ceremony for fallen officers Tuesday morning, and as National Police Week continues, Pullman Police are also honoring their fallen officers.

Police Chief Gary Jenkins said luckily no Pullman Police officers have died in the line of duty since 1949. But he said his department will honor the two fallen Pullman Police officers, and the rest of the men and women who have died in the line of duty for years to come.

"Officers in Pullman and across the nation everyday put their lives on the line, essentially for their communities," said Jenkins. "And so I think it's important that we recognize the sacrifices that have been made by those officers, and their families and their loved ones."

Every year, Pullman Police decorate the antennas of their patrol vehicles with a dark-blue ribbon to honor the men and women who serve and protect in blue.

Chief Jenkins said the police department has some extra blue ribbons, and people who want to show their respect and support for those who serve are welcome to stop by and pick one up.