Pullman Police remind citizens September is National Preparedness Month

PULLMAN, WA - As August comes to an end, the Pullman Police department is reminding citizens that September is National Preparedness Month.

The event is in its ninth year and it's a nationwide effort to prepare for emergencies. September is a great time for the Inland Northwest to prepare because the emergencies we experience are usually weather related, such as flooding or snow storms, and they typically strike in the winter or spring.

"When there is an emergency and emergency responders are tied up, there could be up to a period of three days that we may not be able to provide assistance to the public," said Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins.

Nationally, emergency responders ask citizens to prepare kits that would allow them to be self sufficient for three days. You're encouraged to include important items such as food, water, manual can openers, trash bags, and cell phone chargers that can plug into your car's outlet.

If you would like more information on National Preparedness Month or tips on what to include in an emergency kit, visit the Pullman's Police Department's website.