Pullman police seek public input before drone program is launched


In Pullman the police department is looking to launch a drone program. Already, many law enforcement agencies in Washington State, and across the country, use drones.

"Investigators involved were pretty quickly able to identify some of these pieces as stolen property from their cases if we didn’t have this, it could have been days and then weeks, it could have shot a case down,” said Maryland police officer.

347 law enforcement agencies across 43 states are using Unmanned Aerial Systems or drones. Pullman police are in the process of developing a UAS program in collaboration with a Washington State University Engineering and computer science assistant professor.

The department wants to hear public input, but critics say drone usage by police departments violate a person’s privacy. Coming up next week is one of two meetings where you can voice your concern. The department will talk about best practices for authorized use of the drones, as well as get public input to address privacy concerns.

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