Pullman School Board accepts Garco Const. Inc. bid for High School

PULLMAN, WA - The reconstruction of Pullman High School can now begin.

The Pullman School Board accepted a $55.3 million bid from Garco Construction Incorporated based in Spokane.

Garco will reconstruct 80-percent of the high school's campus over the next two to three school years.

"They'll just work their way around the school," said Pullman School District Superintendent, Paul Sturm. "So we'll occupy the constructed part, the new constructed parts, move out of old parts. They'll tear those down and continue building. So it'll be a, just kind of a process of tearing down building and moving."

Sturm said the new facilities and technology will be state-of-the-art. Since Pullman keeps growing, the new school will be built to accommodate a much larger student population.