Pullman Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades for growing needs of community

PULLMAN, WA - As the population of Pullman continues to grow, the city's Wastewater Treatment Plant is processing more sewage than ever.

All that dirty water gets pumped into the treatment plant on the west side of town, and they recently finished a seven-million-dollar renovation project that doubled the capacity of the facility.

Pullman Public Works Director Kevin Gardes said they're able to take in millions of gallons of water on a daily basis.

"Basically, raw sewage comes to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, and we turn it into pretty good water when it's put back in the river," said Gardes.

The water gets pumped into the South Fork of the Palouse River. Gardes said the city has invested roughly $15-million into upgrades for plant over the last ten years to keep up with the needs of the community. The most recent project was installing the new aeration basins that you see here.