Pullman's American Legion presented awards to citizens for heroic acts

PULLMAN, WA - Pullman's American Legion Post recognized some of the city's top emergency responders during the city council meeting Tuesday night.

Paul Heebink received the Firefighter of The Year award. Not only did Heebink help extinguish the massive Grove Apartment Complex Fire in July, he helped a mother deliver twins on the side of the road.

"Paul also delivered a baby in the front seat of a Toyota Corolla during a heavy snow storm," said American Legion Maynard-Price Post Commander Doug Salmon. "When Paul arrived on the scene, the mom was already holding a baby, and advised him the other one was coming out."

The American Legion presented Paramedic Andrew Chiavaras with the Emergency Medical Technician of The Year award. Fire Chief Mike Heston also recognized Pullman resident Amy Winsor with a Certificate of Commendation. Heston said she prevented catastrophic damage by calling 9-1-1 when she saw smoke coming from a hotel that's currently under construction.