Pullman's animal control ordinance for pet pigs addressed at city council meeting

PULLMAN, WA - The pigs in Pullman discussion continues at city hall, and now it's a matter of establishing a set of rules for pig-owners.

The issue of keeping pigs as pets came before city council over a year ago when police told pig-owner Ryan Graves that he had to get rid of his miniature potbelly pig, Bandit. The city council decided to let Bandit stay, and they lifted the 99-year-old ban on pigs last August.

Tuesday night, Police Chief Gary Jenkins presented the new set of animal control regulations for pigs.

"Tusk trimming for public safety, require immediate possession of a miniature pig license when off the owners property, mandatory sterilization for miniature pigs older than six months," said Jenkins.

Jenkins said licensing fees and leash laws will be the same for pigs as they are for dogs. Later this month, the planning commission will present another set of rules to the council that define the maximum size of a miniature pig, and the required lot size to become a pig owner.