Pullman's firework rules are more restrictive than Washington State's

PULLMAN, WA - On Tuesday we told you all about the firework regulations in the L-C Valley, and now we take a look at the rules on the Palouse.

Rachel Dubrovin tells us what you'll need to know to stay out of trouble this holiday weekend.

"A lot of people get excited," said Pyro Paradise Firework Stand Owner Jerry Lima. "A lot of people say this is one of their most favorite holidays, more than Christmas, anything like that."

Jerry Lima owns the Pyro Paradise Firework Stand. He's been selling fireworks off the Moscow-Pullman Highway for five years now... and he says business is booming.

"We're expecting a pretty big rush here in the next few days," said Lima.

Lima said he sells a large variety of legal fireworks, but he also reminds customers that not all of these products are legal within city limits.

"I always tell them to make sure they check with their city ordinances and make sure that the fireworks that they are purchasing are allowed in that area," said Lima.

When it comes to shooting off fireworks, you'll want to know the rules in your community. If you live in Pullman, you'll want to stick with stuff that stays on the ground.

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"If you're going to discharge fireworks in Pullman, you better buy them from a Pullman stand because those are legal fireworks," said Pullman Fire Prevention Officer Rich Dragoo. "If you buy them elsewhere, out of state or where ever, Indian reservation, so forth, those may not be legal."

Dragoo said Pullman's firework rules are more restrictive than Washington State's. You only have two days to light them off in the city, July third form 9 a.m. till 11 p.m. and on the fourth from 9 a.m. till midnight. He said it's about minimizing the fire danger.

"We've been down to maybe three, four fires a year." said Dragoo. "And most of those are grass fires."

Over in Moscow, Police Chief David Duke said the city has the same restraints as Idaho. There aren't any time restrictions, but you could still get in trouble for a noise violation if you're lighting them off too late. And firework discharge isn't permitted after July fifth in Washington or Idaho.

Lima said while it's his job to sell the fireworks, it's the customer's job to follow the rules.

"That's the consumer's responsibility," said Lima.

If you're caught lighting off illegal fireworks in Pullman, or if you're discharging them outside the designated time periods on the third and fourth of July, you could face a $100 fine.