Pullman's Stadium Way road construction may cause traffic congestion

PULLMAN, WA - In Pullman, summer is synonymous with construction season, and city leaders said that's especially true this year.

Pullman Public Works Director Kevin Gardes said one of the largest summer construction projects is the Stadium Way re-pavement. Gardes said it's a million-dollar project that'll take care of the bumpy road between Grand Avenue and Beasley Coliseum, plus they'll make the sidewalks ADA compliant. But, it could cause some traffic congestion.

"I think I would ask people just to be patient and hopefully the impacts are short-lived," said Gardes. "If folks could find detours, that would be great too. I don't think there'll be any major inconveniences."

Stadium Way construction will start this week. Gardes said next week there will be construction along Bishop Boulevard near the Chipman Trail that might interrupt traffic for a couple days. He said after that they'll start installing sewer lines along Highway-270 between Pullman and Moscow that could reduce traffic to one lane for a week or two.