Pullman's WorkSource Office effected by federal government shutdown

PULLMAN, WA - The federal government shut down more than a week ago, and Pullman's WorkSource Office is one of the local agencies that are dealing with the consequences.

WorkSource is a segment of the Employment Security Department and it provides employment and training services to workers throughout Washington. Communication Director Sheryl Hutchison explained that even though the Employment Security Department is a state agency, it's about 87% federally funded.

"We're fortunate that the federal funding for WorkSource, we got most of our money before the shutdown happened," said Hutchison. "So we're able to keep all of our offices open, but some of our specialized funding sources are not available."

Hutchison said that some employees are working reduced hours. Two of the four full-time WorkSource employees in the Pullman branch had their hours cut by 20%. However, the Pullman WorkSource Office is still open during its regular hours.