Quad-Cities Drug Task Force bust Meth suppliers with pound of narcotic

CLARKSTON, WA - Two men are behind bars after a major drug bust in Clarkston involving methamphetamine that detectives said is some of the highest quality they've ever seen.

Officers from the Quad-Cities Drug Task Force said they've been investigating 35-year-old Jose Rivera and his nephew, 31-year-old Rigo-Berto Sanchez for more than a year. Thursday night officers closed in on the two suspects who are accused of distributing meth in the valley. Detectives seized a pound of meth in Clarkston, after they said they witnessed high level drug trade.

"We've been watching this drug-trafficking organization," said Brad Hudson. "They bring a lot of methamphetamine into the Valley. And because of this source of supply being cut off, there will be a serious shortage of meth. You're going to see people scrambling doing everything they can to get a new source of supply."

The two men are from Kennewick, Washington. It's believed they are one of the main suppliers of meth in our region. Both suspects are being held on a $250,000 bond. The Lewiston Police Department and Idaho State Police assisted in the arrests.