Qualified Nez Perce county farmers are eligible for federal disaster aid

LEWISTON, ID - Farmers in Nez Perce county are eligible for federal loans and disaster assistance as a result of severe weather that damaged crops in the region on, and around the date of July 20th.

Farm Service Agency North Idaho Regional Director Scott Riggers said that the aid will benefit every farmer in the county. However, each farmer will have to qualify before receiving aid for the damage large hail caused to their crops.

Riggers pointed to the damage to the dry spring green peas crop as having suffered a 34% loss. Though the losses related to the pea crop does not make up the greatest cost associated with the damage, it does qualify all crops because it reached the 30%threshold to qualify. So damage to other crops will also be covered.

Nez Perce County was the only county in the region to qualify for federal disaster aid.