Questions remain involving Nez Perce County and URA taxpayer money

LEWISTON, ID - Before spending taxpayers money Nez Perce County leaders are looking for answers, and announced the plan to file another action in court in order to get them.

The Urban Renewal Agency just voted to split the bill with the county for their last round in court, however more court lies ahead.

Nez Perce County Attorney Dan Spickler said there are many questions surrounding the rebate money given out by the URA and said the county is looking for a ruling on how the money can be spent.

"And so what we're gonna ask the court is okay we've got this money, what is the status of this money what can we do with it," said Spickler. "It started out as tax money and now it's transferred to the URA back to the taxing entities, what can we do with it."

Spickler invited the city and URA to join in on the action, however very little interest was shown from URA members. The City of Lewiston has already budgeted the rebate money for street maintenance.

And while more court proceedings might be in the future, the board is not letting up as they prepare to unveil their plan of development to the city council. Prioritizing their large number of projects as well as getting price estimates are the next steps in the master plan. The agency will present the list of prospective projects to the council on June ninth. The council does have the final say on what projects will be completed.