Quilts of Valor members dedicate their labor of love to military personnel

LEWISTON, ID - Valentine's Day has come and gone, however the love for those who've served and continue to serve our country is stronger than ever.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio tells us how a hobby has turned into a way of saying 'Thank You' to past and present military personnel.

For some, quilting is simply an enjoyable hobby, but for others it's a true labor of love.

"It takes hours, If you do what we call a strip quilt you can put one together in two hours," said Quilts of Valor member, Polly Sanderson. "You can take as long as forty hours! It just depends on how intricate you want to make your quilt."

Quilts of Valor is closing in on their 100,000 quilt awarded nationwide.

"Although it's a tangible thank you we will never fully be able to thank all the men and women that have served this country in the capacity that they have," said Quilts of Valor Foundation National Director, Sharon Ledbetter.

A small token of thanks that makes a huge difference, in the lives of those who selflessly protect the freedoms of this country.

"I'm from the Vietnam era and we were so cruel to those men and women that any little bit that we can do now to say thank you it wont make up for it but it does help heal," said Quilts of Valor Deary group, Jean Knierman.

"I will never know what it's been like to actually have my feet on the ground in a combat zone but if these individuals are in indication we know what were doing is bringing honor and comfort," said Ledbetter.

Comfort to veterans in their home and warmth to those resting in military bases all over the world.

"The first 'Quilts of Valor' I made were for my grandson in-law and his friend as they came back from Iraq," said Knierim.

"There four parts to a quilt," said Polly. "The top part is done with love, the middle is padding for their comfort, and the binding holds it all together and is something that they will have forever that they can use."

If you're wanting to make a donation to help fund the fabrics needed for these quilts, log onto