Raid conducted at Clarkston residence for running an illegal sports board

CLARKSTON, WA - A Clarkston man could be facing charges, after $10,000 seized from what is being called an illegal betting pool.

The Washington State Gambling Commission conducted a raid on a Clarkston residence. They received an anonymous tip on their website regarding illegal gambling during the Super Bowl.

It's now up to the Asotin County prosecutor whether the man will face charges for his alleged role in running an illegal sports board.

"We are finalizing the case report and we will be forwarding that to the prosecutors office and the prosecutor will determine them and if so what those should be," said Gambling Commission Spokeswoman,Susan Newer.

Newer said Washington State law is specific on what type of sports wagering is allowed. A 100-square sports board and up to a dollar per square is legal, but in this case squares are believed to have been sold for $100 a piece.