Rancho Viejo in Pullman temporarily shuts down after kitchen fire

kitchen fire.jpg

A kitchen fire at a popular Pullman restaurant shuts it down. It happened Friday morning at Rancho Viejo on South Grand Avenue.

Pullman fire officials say just after 8:30 an employee alerted a passerby of the fire. That person then called 911. The first fire crews found smoke coming from the walls of the brick building, and once they opened the front doors, they found dark smoke. A second alarm called out additional crews from Whitman County Rural District 12. Firefighters knocked down a fire burning in the kitchen, but Rancho Viejo suffered enough damage it had to close.

Medics treated one person at the scene for smoke inhalation. A Pullman city building inspector is assessing the damage to see if there’s any structural damage. The cause of the fire was accidental. An electrical cord connected to the receipt printer got pinched between a pass through shelf and the side wall.

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