Ratifying contract in the works for CCA & school district

CLARKSTON, WA - The Clarkston Classified Association and the Clarkston School District have come to a tentative contractual agreement without a mediator.

Both parties met Thursday, following months of bargaining and eventually mediation, to compromise on a contract for learning assistant union members. While details of the contract won't be released until both parties ratify the tentative agreement, CCA Member Communications Coordinator Angie Gustafson said the union got the stronger safety language they wanted, along with an increase in wages and length of contract.

"How great it was that our community had come out to support us and the district," said Gustafson. "And the CCA were able to come together and our members are so strong for our association and I think that's what improved our chances of this getting ratified now."

The CCA is scheduled to vote to ratify or reject the proposal Wednesday and the school board will meet on January 14th to vote as well.