Realistic looking decoys are effective tool to combat illegal hunting

LEWISTON, ID - With hunting season underway, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game are doing what they can to combat illegal hunting, and we mean everything.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has realistic looking decoys in just about every type of species. And are using them to curb illegal hunting activities such as car hunting, spotlighting and trespassing. Regional Conservation Officer Mark Hill said that the decoys are a very effective tool.

"Hunting is suppose to be somewhere where you park your vehicle, get out with your rifle and your equipment and you walk and you actually pursue the game out in the field," said Hill. "It isn't where you just sit on a vehicle drive around a wait to intercept one from the road. And if anything gives a bad eye to hunting it's road hunters."

A hunter was caught shooting an elk decoy last week, and now faces charges. If caught hunting illegally, you could have you're license revoked, thousands of dollars in fines, and spend up to six months in jail. Idaho is among 48 states that use the fake animals to catch illegal hunters.