ReconCraft Warehouse makes boats for U.S. Border Patrol

CLARKSTON, WA - It's the attention to detail that really captivates you when you step inside the ReconCraft Warehouse.

Every bolt on each boat is finished in the same direction, every technician delicate with the rugged machinery. The company that opened up a shop in Clarkston just this past December, creates aluminum vessels for companies like the United States Department of Defense. And they're slowly bringing more recognition to a town famous for jet-boats. They're in the middle of a contract with U.S. Border Patrol.

"So we've finished the first three," said Founder of ReconCraft Joe Silkowski. "They've gone through an extensive test and evaluation in Texas and now they're back here and we're just doing some minor configuration changes to be able to optimize the vessel for it's use and hopefully we'll receive another order here shortly."

If the three go well, Silkowski said they'll have the opportunity to make up to 74 more boats for the U.S. Border Patrol over the next five years.

"These boats were designed from the ground up to be able to meet the need that the border patrol has and so far the feedback we've received is exceptional," said Silkowski. "They're going to allow the agents to do their job more effectively and more safely."

Vessel Rigging Technician Tristen Spindler said at first glance, you'd never know how much time is spent building and perfecting every part of the boat.

"Everything from the wires to the butt connectors to the screws to the washers," said Spindler. "Some people might look at it as a bolt. But when the extra special attention to detail goes into it all said and done there is a difference."

Even the way the boat is put together and spaced gets hours of attention and thought.

"There's going to be a gunner here on a thirty-caliber machine gun and he needs to have plenty of room to turn around to move around with him," said Silkowski. "So to move around from side-to-side like this. So that's why we located these here, with a minimum amount of obstruction from the motor cover to the seat."

Silkowski said the first four boats should be ready in August where they'll be sent to Ecuador from the U.S. Department of Defense.

Silkowski also mentioned the majority of the sub-contracting for the manufacturing of the boats is done here in the Valley, optimizing the resources available in the local community.