Recovery Center request funding at the N.P. County Commissioners meeting


A relatively new recovery center for the LC Valley says it’s making a huge impact on our community, and that impact is both physical and financial. That’s why they want the Nez Perce County Board of Commissioners to consider funding them.

KLEW News Reporter Shannon Moudy joins us in studio to explain.

The Nez Perce Recovery and Resource Center has been up and running for about eight months. Officials say it’s one of eight recovery centers in Idaho.

Kirsti Smith and Steve Bonner of Sojourner’s Alliance in Moscow gave their presentation Monday at the Nez Perce County Commissioners meeting. Sojourner’s Alliance serves as the fiscal conduit for the Lewiston center. Together, they asked the county commissioners to consider adding the Nez Perce Recovery and Resource Center to the budget cycle for the next fiscal year.

Program Director Kirsti Smith explained that in the eight months the recovery center has been open, they’ve served over 3,000 people.

"The community benefits from lower and overall indigent, emergency room, hospital visits, jail costs, supporting a person who's not paying taxes,” said Smith. “And we tried to get a number for a whole year of how much money the community would save... $17,013 from one person staying in recovery."

Bonner also says the center is hoping to get contracts through the Department of Corrections and Health and Welfare, among others, for a wide variety of funding sources. Both parties will have further discussions later this year.

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