Red Cross local donations saving lives in Philippines after typhoon

LEWISTON, ID - Official reports from the Philippines are putting the death toll from Typhoon Haiyan to roughly 3,600 people.

As disaster relief teams are deployed to secure food and water for the survivors, many local residents are donating money for the cause. American Red Cross District Manager Deb Snyder said there's been an out-pour of local folks stopping by to donate money. If you specify to the local chapter, your money can go directly to the affected region in southeast Asia.

"At this stage the Red Cross is already committed $6 million to helping that effort and they're currently helping with providing food, shelter," said Snyder.

The Red Cross also uses money to help people track down missing family members with their family tracing services. You can help the Red Cross by stopping by at the local chapter in Lewiston or by logging on to