Reduction in bond is granted to suspect of Sexual Exploitation of a Child

LEWISTON, ID - The request to lower bond for a local man charged with multiple sex crimes against children has been granted.

An arraignment hearing was held for 53-year-old Daniel Scroggins, who's been charged with ten counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Child. A $10,000 reduction of bond was granted earlier today, based on the defendant's ties to the community and volunteerism.

"I'm gonna reduce it down to $15,000 at this time; which I think, given the nature of these charges, is certainly a reasonable setting," said Nez Perce County Judge Carl Kerrick.

Scroggins entered a plea of not guilty and the case is headed to a jury trial in November. The maximum penalty is up to 30 years and/or a $50,000 fine for each charge.