Referendum petition filed by critic of the Clarkston City Council

CLARKSTON, WA - A referendum petition was filed by a critic of the Clarkston City Council.

Former City Attorney Scott Broyles recently warned the council that if the referendum petition is not successful, he will move forward with a recall petition. However, City of Clarkston Mayor Kathleen Warren said she doesn't see the value with a recall of seven people all at once.

"If you recall the entire council, the people that make the decision on who is going to take their place is the county commissioners," said Warren. "If the county commissioners don't get it done in a certain period of time, it goes to the state, which means the governor."

Warren said the referendum petition would have been valid in 2007 after the ordinance was approved. But since no initiative request was submitted within seven days of the ordinance, the petition is not valid.