Region II Juvenile Detention Center funding model unveiled

LEWISTON, ID - Commissioners from around the region met in Lewiston Tuesday to discuss funding method changes for a local detention center.

The Region II Juvenile Detention Center has historically been run on a large deficit, at times reaching up to $500,000. To reduce those numbers, Court Services Director Shawn McDowell of Nez Perce county presented a possible funding model to representatives from Latah, Clearwater, Idaho and Lewis county.

"We treat them locally and keep them local which is a big, important thing to remember with our youth," said McDowell. "We start sending these kids to bigger facilities and introducing them to things we don't have in this region."

The way the costs would be divided is based on five year rolling census. Those counties utilizing the detention center the most, would have the higher rates. Nez Perce County Commissioner Doug Havens said that the other representatives seemed receptive to the funding model and hopes to get an agreement sorted out in the near future.