Regional economist predicts strong job growth that area hasn't seen since 1970's

LEWISTON, ID - Right now, there're more jobs opening up in Idaho every day than in the nation as a whole.

Kathryn Tacke is a regional economist for the Department of Labor office in Lewiston. She said she expects to see significant growth in the number of jobs in our area during the next several years.

Other leaders from the labor office predict twice as much economic growth in the next seven-years than what we saw by the end of 2012.

Tacke said right now, the fastest growing jobs are in leisure and hospitality, retail sales and construction. The construction industry was hit the hardest during the recession.

"Lately we've seen some growth in residential construction and commercial and industrial construction has seen a strong growth," said Tacke. "We expect to see considerable growth in the healthcare sector, just as we've seen in the last 20-years."

Tacke said this is the first significant period of strong growth our area has had since the 1970's. She said the number of jobs in Lewiston will continue to rise.