Registration for WSU College of Education Virtual 5K run ends August 29th

PULLMAN, WA - In our age of social media, almost everything can be done online, now even running a 5K can be done virtually.

Jenee' Ryan tells us how Washington State University is taking this trend, and running with it.

WSU's College of Education is using social media...

"We created a facebook page," said Development Coordinator at the College of Education, Amy Cox.

To fund research about social media. Simon Licen, an Assistant Professor at WSU is researching the 2013 European Basketball Championship and its impact on the communities involved.

"One o the aspects we are studying will be how organizers of the event used social media to communicate their messages," said Licen.

The end goal of his research is to create a social media partnership between WSU and an International Sports Federation.

To help fund his research, the College of Education is sponsoring a Virtual 5K.

"I think this Virtual 5K initiative fits really well with my social media research," said Licen.

Participants sign up online, do the 5K wherever they want, then post proof they finished it on social media.

"People can send in pictures or stories and we will post those to social media as a way of celebrating their accomplishment," said Cox.

Buy why host a Virtual 5K instead of a regular one?

"It allows us to engage our alumni and friends across the entire country," said Cox.

And even across the world.

"So far we've actually got several European members to sign up for the event," said Licen.

Those that sign up for this 5K don't even have to run. They can walk, they can bike, they can swim, they can even elliptical their way to 3.1 miles. And they don't have to do it all in one session. They can do multiple sessions as long as 3.1 miles is finished by October sixth.

Registration for the Virtual 5K ends August 29th. To find out where to register and how much it costs here is the website.