Reminder to apply sunscreen even on cloudy, grey days to prevent skin cancer

CLARKSTON, WA - Even when it's cloudy outside, you still need to wear sunscreen.

Leaders from the Washington Department of Health said the idea that people don't have to protect themselves from the sun when it's cloudy is a big misconception. They said reducing your exposure to UV-rays at an early age is very important.

That's one reason a new law was created this month banning kids under 18-years old from using tanning beds without a written prescription from a doctor.

Health leaders said even though children are rarely diagnosed with skin cancer, sunburns in childhood are associated with cancer later in life.

You can help prevent skin cancer by using sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 or more, staying in the shade especially during midday hours, covering skin with clothing that covers your arms and legs or a hat to protect your face.

You can learn more about skin cancer and the best ways to prevent it on the Department of Health's website You can find that link and other helpful resources at