Renal Dialysis Centers' consolidate by end of August

CLARKSTON, WA - Tri-State Memorial Hospital's Renal Dialysis Centers' serve patients in eastern Washington, northeast Oregon and north central Idaho.

However one of two facilities will soon close down. Based on the demand for renal dialysis, in 2009 the Clarkston based hospital opened up its second dialysis center in Lewiston. However after careful consideration, that branch will be closing at the end of August.

"There's a couple of reasons," said Tri-State Hospital CEO, Don Wee. "One we couldn't come to a new lease deal with the landlord and plus the fact that Medicare, looking over the next four to five years, is going to be a continued reduction and reimbursement. So that precipitated the issue of trying to consolidate the units just for cost effectiveness."

About 20-patients will be affected by the transition. Over the next three-to-four weeks, Tri-State CEO, Don Wee said they'll be moving patients over to the Clarkston branch.