Representative Rusche updates public on 2014 Legislative Session

LEWISTON, ID - Legislative issues being tackled in Boise came to light in Lewiston as Representative John Rusche held his first townhall meeting Saturday.

Community members were given a recap of what legislators have achieved so far this session. Education, economics and health-care are just some of the issues touched on.

Rusche said it's important to let his constituents know how those issues affect them locally, and he prefers one-on-one interaction to do that.

"You know, we get in Boise and sometimes we get kind of isolated," said Idaho House Minority Leader, John Rusche. "And this is a good opportunity to hear and explain what we're trying to do and see if it fits with the real world that they experience."

To help people stay informed, Representative Rusche will hold other community meetings throughout the year.