Republican Senate Candidate forum in Clarkston addresses public concerns

CLARKSTON, WA - Candidates for the U.S. Senate made a stop in the L.C. Valley over the weekend to address concerns of the public.

The forum featured Republican candidates Michael Baumgartner and Dr. Art Coday who are battling for a chance to take on incumbent Democrat, Maria Cantwell. Cantwell has served as a U.S. Senator for the State of Washington since 2000.

"Quite frankly no one else was willing to stand up and run against Maria Cantwell," said Baumgartner. "No other elected Republican, no one who's actually beat a Democrat was willing to stand up. It's a fight that a I relish, we're the underdog in a very tough fight here that we need to help."

"I am in the race now," said Coday. "I do believe I am the candidate best able to beat Maria Cantwell and best able to get the repeal of Obama care once in the senate."

The two candidates who get the most votes from their respective parties in the August Primary Election will advance to the November 6th general election.

U.S. senators serve six year terms and are paid $174,000 per year, plus healthcare and other benefits.