Rescued dog suffers bone infection that will cost thousands

LEWISTON, ID - A one-year old dog that was neglected is being given a new lease on life, however a helping hand is needed to bring her back to health.

Sassy came into Helping Hands Rescue extremely underweight and struggling to walk. Through examination at Orchards Pet Hospital a sad history was revealed for man's best friend. Sassy has a bone infection in her hind leg that was brought on after an injury was left untreated.

Currently we're trying to treat that pretty aggressively with antibiotics to try to clear up the infection in hopes we can save her leg," said Orchards Pet Hospital Dr. Kathy Ponozzo.

And while the vet clinic is trying to do everything to save Sassy's leg. If unable to this back leg will need to be amputated."

"So this is what a normal one looks like and this is what hers looks like," said Ponozzo. "So here's her foot and all of this fuzzy looking material is the infection in the bone."

Helping Hands Rescue is a non-profit volunteer group that rescues unwanted, homeless, neglected and abused animals in the region. Veterinarian bills for Sassy are expected to be in the thousands.
If you'd like to help her and others like her ... here's some information.

There's a donations link at "helping- hands- rescue-dot-com" you can also drop off donations for Sassy and the non-profit organization at Orchards Pet Hospital at 207 Thain Road in Lewiston.