Resident portrait artist Donna Baker teaches oil painting at Dahmen Barn

UNIONTOWN, WA - The Artisans at the Dahmen Barn in Uniontown are without a doubt a highlight for any passerby as you're driving through the Palouse.

KLEW News takes you into the studios to meet one of the artists inside the walls of the beautiful Red Barn.

"Okay you're doing good," said artist Baker.

Through each brush stroke, portrait Artist Donna Baker said she learns something new.

"When I'm teaching I always tell them, 'This is your picture,'" said Baker. "You do what you want with it.'"

Oil paints in hand, Baker passes on her 15 years of experience to each student that comes in her studio at the Dahmen Barn in Uniontown.

"It's very tranquil," said Baker. "And the thing is everything is set up. So I can just paint. At home, you know you've got the phone ringing and housework and you don't have that here."

Unlike some of her peers at the gallery, Baker stumbled upon oil painting because of a Christmas gift.

"My husband bought me a set of oil paints out of the blue, I'd never even dreamed of oil painting," said Baker.

A gift that has grown into something more than just a hobby with every stroke of her brush and every lick of the palette.

"He passed away almost six years ago," said Baker. "But he was my biggest fan. He thought I could do anything. And you know it really pushed me to do anything because he said I could."

And with each painting Baker hangs to dry, she remembers the legacy of her husband, a sentiment that she cherishes more than any painting she could ever create.

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