Residents express frustration with the Asotin County Commissioners

ASOTIN, WA - The Asotin County Commissioners meeting Monday had a short agenda, but a long public comment session.

The crowd spoke up Monday night at the Asotin County Commissioners meeting this week, communicating a sense of distrust and unrest. Whether or not to keep a night meeting once a month was a hot topic during the public comment portion of the meeting. Many citizens urged the commissioners to continue with the practice because their work schedules don't permit them to attend the Monday morning meetings. After finishing up an agenda that had just one item for discussion, concerned citizen Carl Flynn expressed his concern that the night meetings need to have more on the schedule.

"You guys can find more than just this for the night meeting to draw more people in," said concerned citizen Carl Flynn.

"Well our goal wasn't to draw people in," said Commissioner Jim Jeffords. "We weren't here to draw people in with the agenda items. We're conducting business as business comes in. There is no conspiracy here folks. There is nothing dastardly going on. There is nothing sinister. This is what we had for tonight. Personally I can't think that way. I just don't do things that way. And I don't care if you believe me or not. That's how I am and this is what we had."

KLEW News spoke with Commission Chairman Jim Jeffords earlier Tuesday to see why the monthly evening meetings were not permanently established beyond Monday night. Jeffords said the commission felt pressured by the public and need time to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.