Residents on the Palouse agree about the importance of voting

MOSCOW, ID - It's a snowy election Day on the Palouse, but that didn't stop people getting out there and voting.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin tells us why voters in Moscow and Pullman feel it's so important to take advantage of their right to vote.

It's a wet election day on the Palouse, but we're at the Latah County Fairgrounds to find out what makes Moscow voters turn in their ballots.

"It's the people that are making the decisions that are going to govern Moscow's future," said Moscow voter Scott Fedale.

Moscow will elect their mayor and three city council members this year.

"And the city council, though a lot of people don't realize that, make a lot of decisions that the mayor has no purview over," said Fedale. "And so it's important in terms of development, housing, how we use our water."

"These are non-partisan elections, so that's really cool," said Werner.
"It's not one party, or the other party. It's really individual candidates you can support."

Steffen Werner is the co-owner of One World Cafe in downtown Moscow. He's hoping to motivate more people to vote in this election.

"Everybody's getting a free drink," said Werner. "If you voted, and you come over here, you get a free non-alcoholic drink."

He said it's especially important to show support for the people that want to lead the community.

"There's not a whole lot of money or prestige in getting to that point, it's really a contribution to the community and we want to support all of that," said Werner.

Over in Pullman, voters will elect three city council members. Some even made a special trip to city hall to turn in their ballot by hand.

"The weather's horrible," said Pullman voter Anne Whelchel.

"It's not snowing that hard," said Pullman voter John Seamans.

Voters we spoke with had different opinions on the weather, but they agreed about the importance of voting even if it's a slower year.

"It's nice to vote for people you know and who you trust to do the job responsibly," said Seamans.

"And that's what we're supposed to do," said Whelchel. "You can't complain if you didn't vote."

Clearly it's a big year for city council elections in both Moscow and Pullman. And voters are willing to brave the cold to make sure their favorite candidates get elected.

We'll bring you the results for both Moscow and Pullman's local elections later tonight, along with all the other election results for the region. So be sure to tune into KLEW News tonight at 11:00.