Revolution Glassworks bong shop is a bustling business

CLARKSTON, WA - Washington has a new take on marijuana use after having decriminalized it last November and now a bong shop has recently opened up in Clarkston on Sixth Street that's looking to cash in on the new crop of business.

"The days of people having to make due with whatever they can find are over. At least in the state of Washington," said Revolution Glassworks Owner Robert Dunn.

"With the legalization of marijuana and paraphernalia, business owner Robert Dunn jumped right at the opportunity to capitalize on the newly established laws in Washington.

"There's no one demographic that shops at our store," said Dunn. "From business people to retired people."

Dunn is the owner of Revolution Glassworks, a store that sells glass bongs for the use of marijuana and will eventually have a glass blowing facility in their store as well. And while they've only been open for two months, Dunn says business is booming.

"As a business person I can't really ignore that," said Dunn.

A bong of this size costs approximately $150 but they have pieces in here that range all the way up to $1,500.

In the past, stores that sold bongs could only refer to them as water pipes for the use of tobacco but after Initiative 502 legalized the drug, stores can openly sell their pieces of glass art for what they really are.

"Regardless of what your personal feelings are, or what you've been doing your whole career, it's legal," said Clarkston Police Chief Joel Hastings. "And you just have to change the way you think about it."

Hastings said their department will respect state laws which allows for the use of paraphernalia. But that doesn't mean they haven't gotten calls about the newly opened shop.

"Some citizens have expressed concern that because of the visibility...what message does that send to children?" said Hastings.

Dunn said the Clarkston community has been very receptive, and they have plans to join the chamber of commerce in the near future. As for the sale of marijuana in his shop? Well only time will tell.

"Under the right circumstances and everyone in the industry is waiting to see what those circumstances will be," said Dunn.