Ride Around Washington bicycle group logs 400 miles in 6 days

PALOUSE, WA - All these riders need for a relaxing vacation is a bike, a tent, and some good company.

"The riders ride about 75 miles a day," said RAW Event Director Peter Verbrugge. "We have about 250 adult riders who chose to spend their summer vacation on two wheels, enjoying all the beautiful scenic and hospitality's that the towns along the way provide."

"I tried talking her into it last year, and she said 'No Way,' said RAW Biker Claudia Jacobus. "And then when I came and said, 'it was really a lot of fun, you need to do this," I convinced her."

Ride Around Washington has been leading trips all over the state for 14 years. This one is cleverly named Pedal Palousa. They started in Chewelah and made their way to the town of Palouse.

"It's a very unique region," said Verbrugge. "I'd say unlike any other region in the world. I think the Palouse Highway is pretty, pretty cool."

By the time the six-day trip is over, the bikers will have traveled more than 400 miles. But, it's not exactly roughing it. The bikers have three meals prepared for them daily, and all of their luggage is carried for them in trucks.

"Your meals are cooked for you, and a shower truck, it's just like home," said RAW Biker Gloria Nirschl.

But the scenery is what makes the trip. These ladies even saw an elk, up close and personal.

"I thought it was a statue," said Jacobus. "She thought is was a statue. We were only like 20 feet from it and these two guys were going by and I was like, Is that real? I mean it was such a fantastic carving, and then it started chewing!"

It's a summer camp for adults, and everyone that I talked to will be back again next year.

"Where else can you find 250 people together to go ride down a course?" said said RAW Event Leader Charles Ruthford. "And the comradery that we get amongst the riders here is great."