RMEF members improve habitat in Asotin wilderness

ASOTIN, WA - A tradition of improving elk habitat, within the Asotin wilderness area, has grown into an annual event.

Members from all different chapters of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation have completed their tenth year of service within the wilderness area west of Asotin. Removing of old fencing, making the natural springs more useful, and creating wildlife water guzzlers, so that there's always water during the dry months, was the focus of this year's efforts.

"The elk don't like the barb wire fencing, their calves can't get through it very easy, and all wildlife benefit from what we do up here," said RMEF Chairman Leonard Shotwell.

Shotwell also said that within the last ten years of managing the habitat, the elk herd has grown within the region. This is the time of year when calving usually begins, so the RMEF typically begins their volunteer work during the first week of May