Roaming cougar spotted in Lewiston city limits

LEWISTON, ID - Another cougar has been spotted roaming the streets near East Main Street in Lewiston.

The cougar is likely the same cat which is believed to have attacked a quarter horse just a few weeks ago.

A cougar in the Lewiston area was first confirmed in June after a quarter horse named Dyna was attacked off Tammany Road in the Orchards. Dyna's leg was completely torn up, after what looks like a hard fought battle with a very large cat. The Lewiston Police Department received calls over the weekend that a cougar had been spotted near the Levee Railroad Bridge, and then again Wednesday night at the south end of Memorial Bridge.

"We believe that it is probably that one cougar," said LPD Captain Tom Greene. "Typically a lot of them are younger animals that strike out on their own, and he may just be caught up here in town and confused and not really knowing how to get out and back into the wild."

Greene said the cougar is most likely roaming around in the evening hours looking for something to eat.

"I don't think there's a real huge danger to the public, but I would caution people to keep their pets in because dogs and cats are typically a target by cougars," said Greene.

Dyna was attacked just a few weeks ago but the owners said she's recovering well.

"She's doing amazing, better than she was just a few days ago," said Dyna's owner Julianne Christensen. "I left for about a week and before I left, she was going down hill and then just two days after I had been gone they said she's coming home, she's doing great. It's amazing her recovery.'

Greene said he believes the cougar will eventually leave the city limits on its own. In the meantime, Idaho Department of Fish and Game Officials and tracking dogs will continue to search the area.

"Cougars tend to live in their own specific geographical area and have a territory," said Greene. "The younger male animals move out and try to find there own, so to speak, area to live in."

There have been no more reported attacks in the Lewis-Clark Valley thus far. However, it is important to keep your animals within close watch and indoors during the night hours.

The Lewiston Police Department encourages anyone who sees the cougar to steer clear of the area and call authorities immediately.