Rodriguez wins Nez Perce County Sheriff by close vote

LEWISTON, ID - The people of Nez Perce County have elected a new Sheriff, but it was a close vote.

Nez Perce County Senior Deputy Republican Joe Rodriquez took home the sheriff's badge last night with just 128 more votes than current Nez Perce County Sheriff Democrat Dale Buttrey.

But win or lose, change is in the forecast for both candidates. Rodriguez said he's ready to build up the office while Buttrey's ready for retirement.

"We just want to get more people involved and working together so we know what to expect when we need each other," said Rodriguez.

"I've had a great career, the county's been good to me," said Buttrey. "The sheriff's office of course is great and now I'm just ready for the next chapter of my life."

Rodriguez will be sworn into office and begin his term as the newly elected Nez Perce County Sheriff January 14th of 2013.