Roundup Queens' represent the past and present Lewiston Roundup

LEWISTON, ID - Past and present Roundup Royalty from all over came together Friday afternoon, all in honor of the Lewiston Roundup.

Princesses Charli Young and Elizabeth Gibbs joined Lewiston Roundup Queen Darryl Kerby to welcome royalty friends and fans. All three ladies agree that being part of the association doesn't end after this year.

"So wonderful to see the young girls doing what we did all these years and hope that they have a long association with the roundup as I have," said 1955 Royalty Queen, Arlene Worley.

"It's so different from how it was then to how it is now but yet we're all still fighting for the same thing, representing the same rodeo," said 2013 Royalty Queen, Darryl Kerby. "Makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger."

The current queens give up their titles after their last two events of the summer.