Sacajawea students excel at "Think through Math" competition

LEWISTON, ID - What started out as an incentive to get kids who were struggling with math at a local junior high school more motivated to learn, has turned into a full on national competition that the kids are close to winning.

Approximately 70 students at Sacajewea Jr. high have been using a web-based math program since November to better understand mathematical fundamentals. Now, they are in the final four out of 27,500 schools across the country to have the highest combined scores of their math tests. The program "Think through Math" tabulates the overall scores of the students who are able to work at their own pace. Seventh grader Rebecca Stuck said she was reluctant to start the program but now she's hooked.

"I think that I would be farther behind in here because I've been learning stuff that my math teacher hasn't even gone over with us yet," said Stuck.

"I would say that there is tremendous growth with these kids right now," said Sacajawea Jr. High Ninth Grade Teacher Karen Lott. "Some of them may probably still need some assistance but for the most part these kids have really taken off in their skills."

Results for the final four schools are being announced next Monday, so the kids are even working at home to try and improve their scores. The winning school gets a trophy, banner and national recognition.