Salvation Army of Lewiston is building new hygiene facility for needy

LEWISTON, ID - The Salvation Army of Lewiston is finding a new way to help people, help themselves.

The church based organization is creating a hygiene facility for those in need. It's a move that's never been done before in the Valley. Low-income or homeless individuals who need to take a shower or do their laundry will soon have access to those essential services. And the washer-dryers are industrial size so the homeless can wash their bedding.

"The homeless isn't exactly all outside," said Salvation Army Captain, Ralph Guthrie. "There are homes that have families living under one roof. And because of that there's not enough facilities for them to wash or shower."

The Salvation Army is currently in the process of taking a look at bids for the nearly $200,000 project. It's being funded by a grant from the City of Lewiston and donors. It'll be housed in the east wing of the Lewiston branch on 21st Avenue.