Salvation Army warns residents about scam hitting the region

LEWISTON, ID - The Salvation Army wants to clear their name from a recent scam hitting various parts of the region.

According to Lewiston Salvation Army Business Manager Jeanne Greiner, a group of people claimed they were representatives of the Spokane Salvation Army and asked businesses for scrap metal in the Asotin area Tuesday afternoon. The group claimed the metal would go towards making bracelets for a fundraiser to help raise money for homeless veterans.

"That's not the way we collect funds or donations or any kind of fundraising," said Greiner. "We just don't do it that way."

The Spokane Salvation Army has confirmed that this is a scam and warns people to be wary of those trying to con others out of money or items that could be used for personal gain.

The group was seen driving a white Chevy pick-up truck with a Washington license plate reading B97556U. If you have any information regarding the scam, you're urged to contact your local law enforcement agency.