Same-sex couples in Washington have reason to celebrate

PULLMAN, WA - Same-sex couples in Washington have a reason to celebrate now that almost all the ballots are counted from Tuesday's election.

Almost 52% of the counted votes support Referendum 74, the measure that allows same-sex couple to legally marry. The director of Washington State University's Gender Identity Expressions Sexual Orientation Resource Center said that passing this referendum is a step in the right direction, but there is still a lot of work to be done nationwide.

"Even if it's passed for Washington state, which is very likely that it will, there are still many other states that don't have that," said GISORC Director Heidi Stanton-Schnebly. "So it's still important to still talk about."

Stanton-Schnebly said that thanks to the referendum passing, she'll look forward to getting married, as opposed to being in a domestic partnership. Currently the State of Washington requires people in domestic partnerships to carry identification cards that verify their relationship status, which will no longer be the case if they can legally marry.

There was a lot of support for the referendum on the WSU campus, but only 48.6% of Whitman County voters approved it. Asotin County voters rejected it as well, with a less than 36% approval rate.