Same-sex weddings on hold in Idaho

LEWISTON, ID - Covering Idaho, the decision by a federal judge to strike down Idaho's ban on gay marriage has now come to a halt.

A federal court of appeals has put plans for same-sex weddings on hold while the governor and attorney general appeal the case. This stay means the Gem State won't issue any same-sex marriage licenses tomorrow (Friday), as was originally ruled by U.S. District Judge Candy Dale.

Still, County Clerk Patty Weeks said the office has been busy and will continue working on the paperwork just in case the stay doesn't last.

"Our process statewide is we're trying to be somewhat standard, we've looked at other states to see how they handled their paperwork," said Weeks. "This information needs to be the same, they can have different look but the information is standard."

Weeks said they haven't seen any interest yet by same sex couples wanting to get their marriage licenses in Nez Perce County.