Santa, Idaho postmarks Christmas cards with special stamp

SANTA, ID - There's a small town in Benewah County that becomes very popular around this time of year.

About 50 miles northeast of Moscow, there's a small town called Santa with a very special post office.

"I get mail from New York City, from all over the place," said Santa, Idaho Post Office Officer in Charge Marcie Jones.

People send envelopes of Christmas cards and letters to the Santa post office so they can be marked with a special cancellation stamp before they reach their final destination.

"Well, we have our special issue postmark, which is a Santa Claus," said Jones.

The post office is so small that it only takes one person to run it, but Jones said that things pick up around the holidays.

"We start on December 1st, and we're allowed to use this cancellation up to January 1st," said Jones.

"So you can imagine, if I have 200 of these, my hand gets a little bit tired and I kind of take my time," said Jones.

Jones usually works at the Moscow post office, and she says it's been a privilege to spend the holiday season working in Santa.

"They have so much energy and enthusiasm," said Jones. "It's so fun to see them bring their cards and letters in to me to have me post mark them.

It's going to be a white Christmas here in Santa, Idaho. As you can imagine, the people here are very excited for the holiday.

"Christmas is special to me," said Santa resident Freda Albert. "I love Christmas."

Albert has lived here since 1967. She said that she considers this town to be the Christmas capital of the north.

"My favorite part is the joy," said Albert. "The joy. The joy on people's faces, the decorations, and the celebration of the season."

Albert said she spends a lot of time at the post office, spreading some of that Christmas Spirit.

"I send out lots of cards," said Albert.

Bethlehem, Kentucky, Snowflake, Arizona and Garland, Texas are just a few of the other towns that have special cancellation stamps for the holiday season.