Scammers Posing as Law Enforcement


Another example of how sophisticated scammers have become, Lewiston Police say someone is impersonating a detective, and trying to scare you into handing over your hard-earned money.

They’ve had three reports this week from people who use a popular online dating site.

LPD Lieutenant Jeff Klone said, "This male said that he had information that the person he called had been on a website called and that this person had been seeing pictures of an underage girl. To avoid going to jail, that he is a detective, if that person could get him $2,100 dollars he wouldn't press any charges."

Lieutenant Klone said luckily no one fell for the scam. Instead the targeted victims became suspicious when the fake detective told them to transfer the money through Walmart.

LPD is investigating, and want you to know police will never call you to arrange a payment like this over the phone. Scammers can spoof any number, meaning they could make a police department’s number show up on your caller ID.

Even if they give you the name of a real officer, it’s best to call the department back if you’re suspicious of the call.

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