Schnell makes court appearance for alleged child pornography

LEWISTON, ID - A man accused of possessing child pornography made his first appearance in Nez Perce County Court.

Kevin Schnell faces 15 counts of sexual exploitation of a child. One by one Judge William Hamlett went through all 15 charges, providing specifics for each picture that Schnell had in his possession on January 23rd 2013. Each count comes with a maximum penalty of ten years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

"Because you're in the custody at this moment it is my advice to you that you don't say anything," said Judge Hamlett. "Don't talk to police, don't talk to prosecutors, don't talk to any investigators, don't talk to your family, don't talk to your friends because anything you say to anyone, other than your attorney could be used by the state at trial to prove that you committed this crime and put you in the penitentiary for up to 150 years."

Schnell acknowledged that he understood all the charges he faces. He will be back in court on October 16th.