School assembly at Parkway Elementary School celebrates award

CLARKSTON, WA - The celebration at Parkway Elementary carried over to Friday as the school was once again recognized for their academic excellence.

The principal held an assembly Friday afternoon to honor and commend the students and teachers for all their hard work. Parkway was recognized statewide for their continuous improvement in both reading and math, and for being in the states top ten percentile.

"You have done a fantastic job, teachers have done a fantastic job, teachers have done a fantastic job and all our staff have done a great job in getting us to have more learning in reading and math," said Parkway Elementary Principle, Eric Price.

"My pleasure to join you today to present an awesome award for being one of the top ten percen schools in the state of Washington," said Executive Director of Curriculum, Jim Fry.

Parkway was labeled a 'struggling' school back in 2010 and Principle Eric Price credits the teachers, students and families for the turn around. Congratulations Parkway Elementary!